Cross-regional musical collaborations among stellar acts at One Voice: The Best of ASEAN Performing Arts

Cross-regional musical collaborations among stellar acts at 

One Voice: The Best of ASEAN Performing Arts 

Singapore, 2 November 2018 – On 9 November 2018, 10 top music acts from ASEAN will converge in Singapore for a one-night only concert at Victoria Theatre to celebrate the dynamic, innovative and vibrant spirit of the ASEAN community. 

Titled One Voice: The Best of ASEAN Performing Arts, the concert will showcase an exciting mix of musical genres reflecting the rich and diverse cultural tapestry of Southeast Asia. The concert will feature award-winning acts and crowd favourites from across the 10 Southeast Asian countries that make up ASEAN: A Band Once (Brunei Darussalam); Cambodian Pop Band (Cambodia); Mia Ismi and Kiel Dharmawel ft Berto Pah (Indonesia); Nam Fon (Lao PDR); Istamuzika Istana Budaya (Malaysia); Yangon NUAC Ensemble (Myanmar); Clara Benin (Philippines); Tim De Cotta (Singapore); Asia 7 (Thailand); and Young Dreamers (Viet Nam). 

Besides showcasing the bands’ individual performances, One Voice will also feature as its highlight six original works performed collaboratively by the music acts, including 2 performed by all 10 ASEAN Member States. These cross-cultural musical creations demonstrate the best of ASEAN’s arts and cultural heritage, creating a new blend of contemporary music fused with traditional elements unique to the region. 

One Voice is part of the Best of ASEAN Performing Arts (BoAPA) series, which has been held for many years in Jakarta, Indonesia, since 2008. From 2017, BoAPA has been organised by the ASEAN Member State holding the Chairmanship of ASEAN. This is the first time Singapore is organising BoAPA as ASEAN Chair, bringing together top songwriting talents from the region, united in One Voice. Singapore is represented by Tim De Cotta (comprising Tim De Cotta (bass/vocals), Anson Koh (drums) and Redwan Hamzah (guitar)). 

Held in conjunction with Singapore Writers Festival 2018 (SWF), One Voice is presented by the National Arts Council (NAC) and supported by the Ministry of Culture, Community and 2 

Youth (MCCY). Global Cultural Alliance (GCA) is its executive producer, with 2007 Young Artist Award recipient Philip Tan helming the concert as the creative and music director. 

Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth said, “Arts and culture have the power to bridge diverse communities and deepen friendships among nations. This concert is a celebration of our ASEAN unity in diversity in Singapore’s Chairmanship year, and provides a good platform for artists from all 10 ASEAN Member States to collaborate with one another to produce new and exciting works. I am confident that the performances will reflect the rich cultural diversity of ASEAN, and help Singaporeans deepen understanding of our neighbours and partners in the ASEAN Community.” 

Said Philip Tan: “It is always fascinating and eye opening to work with a diverse group of young musical talents who come from a multiplicity of traditions. The musicians of One Voice work with styles that range from folk to rock through experimenting with traditional material as well as other new techniques. It will be exciting for us here in Singapore to encounter these traditions and work with them to create new work. I will be working with them to create two new songs specially for this concert and I look forward to how this rich heritage and diversity of sounds will come together.” 

Said Phan Ming Yen, Director, GCA: “Through One Voice, we hope to introduce to Singapore audiences the rich diversity of and latest trends in ASEAN contemporary popular music (be it pop, jazz, or rock or other genres). Of equal significance are the collaborative items which we are planning for to encourage greater dialogue between musicians in the region. This concert is an opportunity to bring the musicians together to create a distinctive musical identity that is reflective of the region.” 

The performers from the 10 ASEAN countries will also discuss the role and power of music and words in defining their sense of identity as part of ASEAN at the SWF moderated talk Voicing Your Self: Making Your Place, which will be held on 10 November 2018 10.30am, at Play Den, The Arts House.