Johor Bahru (2023)

Urban Culture Asia Johor Bahru (2023)

Ipoh (2023)

Melaka (2022)

Manila (2019)

Ipoh (2017)

Jakarta (2016)


Urban Culture Asia: Johor Re: innovate & elevate is a programme for young engineers who desire and endeavour for the continuous improvement and development of society for the community, through science and design.

As a vibrant and rapidly developing city that is home to many technological advancements and innovation, we welcome young engineers to embark on a journey to the state of Johor to experience the latest technological advancements and gain first hand experience through industrial visits and connect and learn from students and professionals from
different cultures and backgrounds.

The programme aims to ignite in young participants the zeal to constantly strive for better solutions in our ever changing global landscape, building upon the work of previous generations, for future generations to come.