Bratislava and Prague (2012)

Spotlight Singapore Bratislava and Prague (2012)

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23 – 29 September 2012

Spotlight Singapore ventured to central Europe at the invitation of Ms Jennie Chua, Singapore’s then non-resident Ambassador to Slovakia and the blessings from Mr Tan Soo Khoon, Singapore’s then non-resident Ambassador to the Czech Republic.

With its focus on the two countries, this edition took the concept further by focusing on young entrepreneurs, an approach which found support from partners in Bratislava and Prague.

The opening ceremony and business programme in Bratislava was held at the glittering Hall of Mirrors at Primate’s Palace, while in Prague, at the city’s City Hall. The delegates also visited various lifestyle and creative sites to gain a more intimate understanding of the workings of these industries.

Concurrent with the business sessions, an interactive visual arts showcase by master artist Sun Yu-Li engaged the public in both cities.

This edition saw the world premiere of Living Dreams: A Concert Suite At Dawn, a five-movement suite composed by Cultural Medallion recipient Iskandar Ismail and staged by theatre director Jeremiah Choy at the new Slovak National Theatre. This cross-cultural collaboration work also featured Slovak band Zobor, vocalist Babula Volny and Fujara player Ján Kružliak.

Enroute to Prague, the delegation also stopped at Brno, which has evolved into an important university city and enjoys an unusually rich cultural life for its size.