Convergence: A dialogue in dance between Hong Kong and Singapore


A dialogue in dance between Hong Kong and Singapore

GCA produced Convergence: A Dialogue in Dance between Hong Kong and Singapore, a hybrid collaboration held on 30 July 2022. The event brought together the Hong Kong Dance Company (HKDC) and Singapore’s Maya Dance Theatre (MDT), uniting martial arts, Chinese dance, and contemporary dance in a mesmerizing blend inspired by Asian and Southeast Asian traditions.

The event featured a collaborative film, a virtual dialogue session, and a live performance by MDT, incorporating elements from HKDC’s original “Convergence” film. This cross-city hybrid experience transcended geographical boundaries, celebrating global dance traditions while promoting cultural diversity and understanding.

HKDC’s Artistic Director, Yang Yuntao, presented a series of four tutorial videos demonstrating the movements of Hung Kuen, a southern Chinese martial art seamlessly integrated into the original dance production. The tutorials provided participants an understanding of the techniques behind the choreography.