Steinway Piano Marathon

16 December 2017 / Level 1 Atrium ION Orchard

The inaugural Steinway Piano Marathon was organised in 2017 as part of Steinway Gallery Singapore’s community outreach initiative.

Piano Marathon @ ION Orchard 2017 was a new initiative co-organised by Steinway Gallery Singapore and The RICE Company Ltd, and managed by Global Cultural Alliance Ltd. Through the 12-hour piano marathon, the organisers brought together both amateur and professional musicians, with the aim of generating even greater interest and love for music among our community.

This initiative sought to celebrate Singaporeans’ love for making music through an occasion that allows them to come together at one of the nation’s most popular urban retail mall, ION Orchard while raising funds for the less fortunate at the same time.

Through this initiative, the funds raised allowed The Business Budding Artists Funds (BT BAF) to continue providing arts training programmes, arts camps, workshops and performance platforms which has already helped more than 15,000 needy children and youth since 2005. Through nurturing the artistic talents of these children and youth, BT BAF also seeks to build their values, character and self-esteem.

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