Between Covers I & II (Singapore Writers Festival tour)

Between Covers I:

The Art of Inventive Reads

4 November 2017 / 8am / The Arts House

Hosted by author Phan Ming Yen and curated by Global Cultural Alliance, this literary tour allowed us to venture into the spaces of some of the innovative players in Singapore’s book industry as they shared their stories in creating solutions that push the boundaries of book making to make the book desirable, as the author took us through designing, publishing, book printing and retail.

Between Covers II:

The Insiders’ Peek into the Book Industry

11 November 2017 / 8 am / The Arts House

With advances in technology and changes in consumer behaviour, how do the players in Singapore’s book industry deal with the new normal? This literary tour hosted by author Phan Ming Yen gave us a behind-the-scenes look into book distribution, e-publishing and independent publishing as he visited a mix of commercial and independent players.