Spirit of Giving: Nathania Ong

Spirit of Giving

A Musical Homecoming Concert: Nathania Ong

Nathania’s voyage from the warm heart of Singapore to the dazzling lights of London’s West End is a narrative etched with the melodies of dedication, passion, and the resounding triumph of a homegrown talent on the world stage. Born in England, 1998, Nathania’s innate love for performance became apparent when, at the tender age of five, she sang the beloved National Day song Home by Kit Chan in the esteemed company of the late President S R Nathan. As a bright-eyed 12-year-old, her voice filled the air with the strains of the Singapore National Anthem during the momentous opening of the inaugural Youth Olympic Games in 2010.

Nathania studied at Methodist Girls School and later at Anglo-Chinese Junior College. Post- junior college, Nathania attended LASALLE College of the Arts. Despite initial setbacks and rejections from five performing arts schools in the United Kingdom, her resolve never wavered. It was in the hallowed halls of London’s Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts where she honed her craft, emerging in 2021 with a BA (Hons) in Musical Theatre.

Her West End debut as Jenna Rolan in Be More Chill was a prelude to the role that would come to define her career thus far. As Éponine in the UK & Ireland tour of Les Misérables, Nathania not only captured the essence of the beloved character but also claimed the distinction of being the first Singaporean to reprise this role in the West End production—a proud moment inked in the annals of Singapore’s theatrical history.

Nathania’s extraordinary talent enchanted audiences within the grandeur of the Royal Albert Hall and commanding standing ovations amid the vast expanse of Manchester’s AO Arena, with its 21,000 seats. Her profoundly personal and emotive interpretation of On My Own moved the audience to tears.

Returning to Singapore, Nathania is not simply a performer; she is a beacon, a storyteller, and an advocate for the transformative power of the arts.

Produced by Global Cultural Alliance, in partnership with Amazing Talents International, her debut solo-charity concert, Spirit of Giving — A Musical Homecoming Concert: Nathania Ong, was more than a showcase of her journey; it was an invitation to be part of a legacy that transcends borders and nurtures the next generation of artistic talent.

Audiences were treated to a rich tapestry of musical theatre masterpieces, with a 21-piece orchestra lending depth to her soaring voice. As a performer in ChildAid 2010, it was here that Nathania’s journey came full circle — a musical homecoming.