A new musical tale

Date: 22 and 23 April 2017
Venue: Vivocity Amphitheatre
Time: 7pm to 8pm
Free admission
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An adventure beckons for the one who heeds the call of the sea.

Find out about one young woman’s maritime aspirations in a musical tale that fuses dramatic storytelling, elements of circus arts, and explosive rhythms of the Sea!

An original production featuring storyteller Rosemarie Somaiah, vocalist Su Paing tun and performing groups NADI Singapura, SA, OrkeStar Trio, Bornfire Singapore and Tamarind Sound Project.


Story teller, Rosemarie Somaiah

Rosemarie Somaiah runs Asian Storytelling Network, Singapore’s first storytelling company. Since 2000 she performed in schools, theaters, and museums across SIngapore and at festivals such as the Singapore Writers Festival, the Asian Festival of Children’s Content and the Singapore International Storytelling Festival.



Vocalist, Su Paing Tun

Su is currently a Year 3 student at Singapore Polytechnic, studying Human Resouce Management alongside Psychology. She is an alumni of the Youth Arts Incubation Programme at arts training centre, 10 Square @ Orchard Central. Su’s ambition is to further her studies in theatre. SHe is enthusiastic to explore opportunities in musical theatre and dance and would very much like to develop the theatre scene in her home country, Myanmar.


Performing Group, Nadi Singapura

Formed in November 2011, Nadi Singapura ensemble is made up of young, aspiring and impratial musos who belive in uplifting their traditional drums and percussions. Nadi, which means ‘pulse’ or ‘flow of consciousness’ in Malay, features common Malayan drums found in Singapore. The ensemble is led by two renowned individuals in the Singapore Malay Arts scene, Rebana artisan, Yaziz Hassan and prominent drummer/percussionist, Riduan Zalani.


Performing Group, Bornfire Singapore

Bornfire Singapore is an arts organization steadfast in actualising the dream of “Bridging Differences” through the joy and beauty of circus arts.




Performing Group, OrkeStar Trio

OrkeStar Trio embodies the spirit of adventure in exploring the versatility and context of music in the Malay Archipelago in the modern world. Made up of three young artists with unique dispositions, the Trio believes in honouring their traditional influences while pushing towards forming a new spectrum of sound. Their compositions feature a mash-up of various musical styles, reflecting the diversity of idenities and interests among them.


Performing Group, SA

SA (仨) the Collective is a band born and bred in Singapore. The trio uses predominantly Chinese instruments but combines modern techniques as well as multicultural musical influences. Featuring their original compositions, SA’s performance celebrates the convergence of cultures through music.



Performing Group, Tamarind Sound Project

The Tamarind Sound Project explores new horizons of Indian classical music, bringing to audiences rarely heard krithis, bhajans and original compositions in acoustic and electronic arrangements.






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