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culture plus

Culture Plus is a new fund managed by Global Culture Alliance (GCA). Launched on 29 November 2016, Culture Plus Fund originates from a conviction that no one with the potential in creative sector should be denied the opportunity to develop his or her talents due to the physiological or social challenges that he or she faces.

Culture Plus is instrumental in nurturing the talents of these disadvantaged and develop their self-worth so that they have the opportunity to fulfill his or her aspirations to contribute meaningfully to society.

How does Culture Plus bridge the gap in employment in the creative sectors?

The primary aim of Culture Plus is to create platforms for the physiologically and socially disadvantaged who have shown talent in the creative arts and bridge the gap via employment through:

  • existing and forthcoming community arts programmes of Global Cultural Alliance
  • overseas showcases
  • self initiated projects (e.g. art exhibitions and concerts)
  • Who qualifies for Culture Plus?

    The “disadvantaged” refers to those who are either socially or physiological disadvantaged and display artistic / creative talent or ability.

    Motivations behind Culture Plus

    Art and culture serve as a space or activity or avenue where the disadvantaged have the latitude and freedom to express to themselves while have a meaningful livelihood.

    GCA is a non profit creative and culture enterprise which create platforms and opportunities in Singapore and abroad for our creative and culture enterprises to work together among themselves in Singapore and with their counterparts in the region and around the world. Thus given what GCA is, it became both necessary and an extension and expansion of GCA’s mission as well as being in line with the national push for a more inclusive society, to create the Culture Plus Fund to enable the disadvantaged to participate more meaningfully and with dignity within society through the culture and creative industries.

    The fund thus also hopes to further highlight the relevance and importance of arts and culture in daily life: that the arts and culture sector remains one that allows for greater social inclusivity than perhaps other sectors.


    For enquiries on how to apply to the Culture Plus programmes as a beneficiary or to donate to Culture Plus Fund,
    please email