Between The Pieces: an exhibition of depression in Singapore and Kuching

Between the Pieces

October 2019 / Hilside1820

Between the Pieces: an exhibition on untold stories of depression in Singapore and Kuching is an exhibition featuring first-hand accounts from persons with experiences of depression from Singapore and Kuching. Co-produced and curated by Global Cultural Alliance, STORY KUCHING and Studio Juliat, the exhibition allows visitors to identify commonalities between the two cities through untold stories of trial and triumph.

Through writings and photographs, the exhibition seeks to show visitors that we are not alone in life’s difficult journeys as we find strength in each other’s stories. From personal narratives to panel sharing sessions, we hope to promote a kinder and more supportive society for those living with mental illnesses.

This exhibition has its roots in a 2018 project by STORY KUCHING titled “Between the Broken Pieces”. Filmmaker and Founder of STORY KUCHING, Eugene Chin, had hoped to spark conversations of depression through honest and unmediated stories of personal struggles and victories. The five-day exhibition marks a collaboration between Singapore and Kuching.