Shortcut Dreams




Are you looking for me?
Can you tell my name from my body?
Are you afraid of being alone?
Have you forgotten the power this moment gives?

Start living without fear.

Shortcut: we want things fast, faster and in the fastest time and
way possible.

Dreams: some things we have forgotten about; some things we want to make true; sometimes, they are all we have.

Pop-Up Noise: Shortcut Dreams is a creative encounter that is a surprising and at times unexpected fusion of dance, flash mob performances and public interaction. Inspired by Singapore literary works, this dance experience offers a thought-provoking look at the contradictions that mark the human condition in the 21st century. It is a way of looking at how our body can transform our everyday hand gestures to tell the story of our lives, aspirations, needs and desires.

This bold experiment in dance, words and music draws its initial inspiration from texts by Singapore theatre doyen and 1989 Cultural Medallion recipient Kuo Pao Kun (1939 – 2002) and well-known poet and 2016 Young Artist Award recipient Pooja Nansi.

Check out the creative process and behind the scene footages here.




Saturday, 22 October 2016, 12pm
Goodman Arts Centre, Dance Nucleus (Blk M, #02-53)
Free admission by registration:

How can I tell you my name with my body? Can you read this flicker of my wrist as you would an open book? What can my body tell you about the book you are reading?

This one-hour workshop and showing by dancer-choreographers Wayne Ong and Leia Ang look at how the human body can offer alternative readings of written texts through using and combining a variety of movement styles. Wayne and Leia will explore how hand and sign gestures of the everyday can be transformed into a choreographic language that uses the entire body.

For ages 15 and above.




Saturday, 5 November 2016, 7pm
The Arts House, Screening Room
Free admission by registration:
Panelists: Phan Ming Yen, Aaron Lee, Wayne Ong, Leia Ang

This discussion and showing held at Singapore Writers Festival 2016 looks at the work-in-progress of Shortcut Dreams, a newly commissioned work by Noise Singapore. Conceptualised by Global Cultural Alliance and co-curated with Laniakea Culture Collective, it uses texts by theatre doyen Kuo Pao Kun and poet Pooja Nansi to develop an inter-disciplinary approach via dance and literary forms. Choreographers Wayne Ong and Leila Ang join artistic co-curators Phan Ming Yen and Aaron Lee in exploring dance as commentary on a literary text rather than merely choreographic translations. The panel will discuss how the three-month collaboration of curators, writers, dancers and the public dynamically generated meaningful and interwoven ideas about modern life that found expression in the final performance. This is one of two sessions that provides insight into the creative process.




Saturday, 19 November 2016, 12pm – 7.30pm
Waterway Point, Promenade (Level B1) & The Cove (Level B2)

Shortcut Dreams [performance, 15 mins]

12pm / Venue: Promenade; 3pm, 7pm / Venue: Cove

Be energised by this unexpected fusion of dance, words and music that explores how we transform our everyday hand gestures to tell stories of our lives, aspirations, needs and desires.


The Moving Finger [Family-friendly session, 30min]

12.45pm, 3.30pm / Venue: Cove

Let your body speak for you! In this hands-on session, Pop-Up Noise: Shortcut Dreams choreographer Wayne Ong shows you how hand and sign gestures of the everyday can be transformed into a choreographic language that uses the entire body.


Of Words and Dreams [Family-friendly session, 30min]

2pm, 5pm / Venue: Cove

This interactive session is for anyone and everyone. Be refreshed, inspired and ready to make that change to shortcut your dreams through the exploration of words and stories with award winning poet Aaron Lee.


Shortcut My Dreams [Dance session, 15min]

6pm, 6.30pm / Venue: Cove

Let the dancer in you shine and dance like nobody’s looking – with everyone else in the mall! Feel the rhythm, make new friends, learn some moves and then groove with us at the finale dance performance at 7pm!